Are you a hero of Europe?

Stand up for Europe because: Europe, that's you! Show your support to the European Union and the European values and engage with the public. If you like, here you can choose your individual EU-"fan stuff" to demonstrate: We belong together.

2019 European elections won by democracy

It is a clear message: The European turnout has increased dramatically with an as overwhelming majority of European voters voting for a united and democratic Europe, the European Union. The winners are democracy and the future of our continent. At the same time, political actors in some parts of Europe succeeded in obscuring their irresponsibility and lack of fitness for our future. This is not acceptable. Stay engaged and stand up for your European co-citizens: All Union citizens deserve a better life than one governed by outdated and disastrous ideologies from 20th and 19th century.
Stay informed. You may want to check out the latest news from the European Parliament. How does the European Union support your city or region? Find out more on the European Parliament's website What Europe does for me .

Why should I stand up for Europe?

You need another good reason to actively support Europe? Here are six good reasons, the values of the European Union:

Learn more about the European Union, its structure and and its work for the Union's citizens on the website of the European Union., and, if you like, by reading the "Treaty on European Union" in your mother tongue.